About Us

TalentTutors.com is the brainchild of Dev & Rupali Chopra – Rupali is a teacher & Lawyer from London who has practiced Law and tutored students in the UK until 2014 when she moved to the UAE. Rupali immediately noticed that Tutors and Students weren’t being given the opportunity to find the right matches and were being charged excessively for a poor service. Dev has an extensive background in IT and Finance and is the Operational lead for this project.

With a strong desire to meet the needs of students aspiring to achieve better grades and to match them with credible tutors looking to impart knowledge – Talent Tutors.com was formed.

The service is completely free for students and a small fee is charged to our premium membership tutors.

We are based in the UAE and offer a platform for students and tutors to interact and find the best matches. We do not provide Tuition services and nor are any of the Tutors our employees.

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