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Why Tuition Centre?

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There is growing trend of taking tuition centers as superior places for getting good grades than routine schools. This trend has been set up by a number of factors. The main driving forces include the higher salaries that teachers could earn by working elsewhere and the setting up of a culture in the minds of parents and students that only a superior coaching center will earn them good grades. In this piece of writing, I will undertake these two issues distinctly and step by step.

Focusing on the first driving force, there are some teachers who teach at schools in the morning and the same teachers tutor the same students as private tuition in the evenings. This poses us with two baffling questions to which have extremely simple answers: Why would these teachers do this and why would the same students want to study the same material of learning as they did in the morning? The answers are straightforward and appealing. These teachers do not teach students to the maximum of their abilities in the morning and students prefer to being tutored by the teachers who teach them in a sequence, with due attention and in due course of time. Morning institutions being places which give fixed salaries and nominal wages, force these teachers into finding the right opportunity cost of their evening time. These teachers tend to stress the fact that they do it merely because they earn tuition fees in the private tuition which are manifold times greater than the morning school wages.

The second type of teachers are those who have sufficient qualifications and are either frictionally unemployed or structurally unemployed. The element of being unemployed drives this educated class to add giving home tuitions or private tuitions to students, to their employment list. This not only gives them an opportunity to earn returns for their academic years but also gives them a chance to interact with other people. Home tutors may not earn the same as their counterparts who teach in private coaching centers, but this is the only way they earn some amount to their earning list. If given adequate chance for these brilliant minds to flourish, they can teach students at school and even institutions as well.

Secondly, the culture that has been instilled in the minds of young students and their parents focus on the fact that tuition is the only source through which grades at any level and of any subject can only be improved via extra coaching sessions. Whether it is home tuition being given by an educated home tutor or a coaching center after school, it is bound to increase the efficiency of students. This culture has been derived from the increase in number of students who take extra coaching and from the increased availability of the coaching centers.

One question remains unanswered in all the explanations and opinions: do students deserve the opportunity to allocate time between their school and coaching centers, appropriately and without being over-burdened?

Source by Pin Koon Ee

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